Being a new player means you are going to want to improve your skillset. There are many basketball players that do the bare minimum and then wonder why they’re not improving as fast as the others around them.

To make sure you are getting more and more out of each practice, it’s time to look at the basketball hoop. A quality bball hoop is able to change things in a hurry and that is where your focus has to go.

Here are the main features needed with a new basketball hoop for developing players to learn.

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Height Adjustment

What is the one thing people are able to rely on when it’s time to practice?

They are able to stand under the hoop and change the height based on what they need. This is key for those shorter in height need to better understand how to make the most of their dunking and shooting skills. Having a net that is lower is also key while adjusting to different conditions. The hoop should be able to act as an additional practice option and that is where this feature helps most. The simple height adjustment feature is able to add new value to each session based on how it is adjusted.


The netting is a good option for those worried about the ball rushing away and not being able to get more out of each session. This is a worry for people as they figure things out.

You want to be able to protect the netting as much as possible. This is something people don’t think about all the time and it gets in the way of what they are doing.

The netting is strong and consistent in a way that is a must. It is able to keep the ball in place and ensure it gets to where it needs to be.

Protective Rim

There is an adjustment option available for height but what about the actual rim? This is one of those features that make all the difference in the world when it’s time to put things together. A developing player is going to have a hard time when it comes to targeting the rim and making sure the shot goes through. This is where a protective rim is able to help. It comes with specialized side guards that are able to guide the ball into the hoop as soon as the shot touches the rim. These guards are a must for those who are learning how to make the most of their shot and want a bit of help along the way.

These are the main features to think about when it comes to a brand-new basketball hoop. Most players are going to find it challenging at first and there are a number of things to incorporate into your training for better results. However, the main goal has to be to think about training properly and moving forward with these features. As long as you have these features by your side, the quality is going to stand out throughout your sessions.