Installing a ceiling fan on your patio or front deck is the best way to stay refreshed, especially during the hot summer days. An outdoor ceiling fan also gives a cheaper alternative to air conditioners and are also easier to install. Some outdoor ceiling fans may also have built-in light systems for lighting whenever it gets dark. Such ceiling fans are therefore efficient since they serve multiple purposes.

outdoor ceiling fans with lightsBefore you can decide on the outdoor ceiling fan to install, there are several considerations that you need to make so you can choose the best. Below are some of those considerations.

Factors to consider when choosing outdoor ceiling fans with lights

1. Environmental Conditions

An outdoor ceiling fan can either be installed in a “damp” or “wet” area, and this may dictate a few things regarding its installation. When a ceiling fan is installed in a “damp” area, it is often installed under a porch or roof and is not exposed to water from rain or snow directly. Outdoor ceiling fans that can be installed in a “wet” area can withstand direct exposure to water.

Outdoor ceiling fans rated “wet” are well-sealed and are best suited for withstanding exposure to water. They also come with the necessary hardware to protect the internal components and electrical connections from water. The best ceiling fans with lights should be rated “damp” since the light system may be damaged by water. After all, the light system is best utilized by lighting up the area under the roof or your front deck.

2. Size Of The Ceiling Fan

It is essential to have the point of installation figured out as it helps determine the size of the ceiling fan. Outdoor ceiling fans with light are often larger compared to the conventional ceiling fans. Homeowners can exercise flexibility when choosing the appropriate size of their outdoor ceiling fan as everyone prefers a specific size. The standard ceiling fan often measures 52” in diameter while others will have a smaller diameter due to the reduced size of the blades.

When deciding on the size of your outdoor ceiling with lights, it is important to consider its positioning. Enough clearance is needed for the safe operation of the ceiling fan. It is also important to consider the area of the space being served by the ceiling fan. A large outdoor ceiling fan would be required to maximize the air flow in the front deck since it probably a large place meant for relaxing.

3. Style

The design and style of your outdoor ceiling fan should match the style adopted for the porch. For a Victorian porch, the best type of outdoor ceiling fan with lights would be a traditional one. Rustic types of outdoor fans with lights would be best for a Tuscan outdoor dining area. Modern front decks and spaces would require modern style outdoor ceiling fans.

The idea is to ensure that the ceiling fan’s style and design blends with the décor of your outdoor space. It should not clash with the existing fixtures or furniture in this space. When choosing the outdoor ceiling fan with lights, it is essential to consider how well the light system will blend with the existing fixtures. Incandescent light systems are stylish and go well with any style while giving light that sets the mood of a room or space.

4. Lighting Requirement

Outdoor spaces often require to be supplemented in terms of lighting requirements. Although most of these spaces benefit from natural light during the day, there is a need to install ceiling fans with light to cater for might time. Although these spaces are often fitted with a lighting system, outdoor ceiling fans with lights also contribute to lighting up these space.

For spaces with no pre-installed light system, one can choose an outdoor ceiling fan with bright lights. The best option would be a ceiling fan with LED lights, which give directional light and are usually brighter than other light systems. Spaces that already have a pre-installed lighting system can be fitted with incandescent lights since they are not as bright are excellent in setting the mood of your front deck, especially during the quiet nights.

5. Budget

Before you can embark on choosing an outdoor ceiling fan with lights, it is important to consider the budget at your disposal. Some of the ceiling fans with lights may cost up to hundreds of dollars. The quality of your ceiling fan will also depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend. Although quality products don’t always have to be expensive, the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights will cost a fortune.

Homeowners require outdoor ceiling fans with lights to style their outdoor spaces and provide fresh air in these spaces while relaxing or passing the time. Various considerations need to be made to land the best ceiling fans with lights, such as budget, style, size of the fan, light requirement, and the position of installation.