Bushnell Bowhunter (Chuck Adams Rangefinder)

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From the “Bushnell Bowhunter”, as well as from the previous, much was expected: this is a rangefinder with a 4x magnification, compensation of the elevation angle of the target, very compact, light, and looking great. At the same time, its price is not high, and besides, he was given his name by the world’s most famous hunter-archer – Chuck Adams.

At first glance, the “Bowhunter” seems like a rangefinder, falling into the rangefinder category for archers. Unfortunately, he has the same inconvenient display overloaded with information as that of the “Bushnell Scout 1000”; functions “Brush” and “Bullseye” are missing; and, in addition, it was impossible to prioritize which goal — near or far — was set automatically for him, and this is a very important aspect for any range finder for bow hunting, and this should be clearly indicated on the manufacturer’s website or at least in the instructions on operation.

The Bowhunter rangefinder has an optical design that Bushnell calls Perma Focus. The same design is used in the cheapest series of rangefinders of this company – Sport line. In theory, you do not need to focus the range finder, it is pre-focused for a given distance. In fact, this means that you will not be able to focus it if necessary. Therefore, if the image is not focused before your eyes, you can not fix it.

Opti-Logic 600 XT

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This rangefinder has two characteristics that distinguish it from other rangefinders popular with hunters — the first one — it displays the measurement results not in the viewfinder’s field of view, but on the external LCD display, the second — the distance to the object is not measured at the time the button is pressed, let her go. That is, in order to measure the distance to an object using the Opti-Logic rangefinder, you must press the instrument button, point the aiming mark – red dot – on the object illuminated in the eyepiece field of view, and then release the button and see the measurement result on the external display .

The Opti-Logic 600 XT is made specifically for hunters with bows and golfers, so it has the function of compensating the elevation angle of the target, is able to calculate the linear distance to the object, as well as measure the distance to the object, surrounded by a group of secondary objects. In addition, the range finder will indicate to the archer the effective ballistic distance to the object. The effective shooting distance is calculated for arrows moving at a speed of 67 to 100 m / s.

The accuracy of the rangefinder “Opti-Logic 600 XT is +/– 1 m, which is quite comparable with the accuracy of the most expensive and high-quality hunting rangefinders. Moreover, as follows from the results of field tests, the real accuracy of the rangefinder is not inferior to the declared, besides, the speed of displaying the result of this rangefinder is beyond praise. The minimum measurement distance is 4 m, and the maximum distance is 730 m. Therefore, this rangefinder can be used not only for bow hunting, but also with a firearm. The results of measurements at the choice of the owner of the device are displayed in yards, feet or meters.

The device is compact, It weighs only 340 g. It can be worn either in a case or on a carbine. Another characteristic feature of range finders in this series is that their eyepieces do not have magnification. However, at distances typical for bow hunting, it does not matter. The disadvantages of the Opti-Logic 600 XT rangefinder include the lack of illumination of the external display, which is not always convenient, given the conditions of use of this device.

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