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Extra Ordinary News!

7 Aug

We all know extraordinary people. Some are public heroes, boldfaced-named men and women who have attained greatness in their field. Some are community leaders, women and men who work tirelessly, thanklessly, to better their neighbourhoods and the lives of those around them. Some of them are ordinary, so ordinary that unless you talked to him […]

Double musical trouble at Under The Influence

21 Jun

To whet your appetite for the amazing tunes we’ll be showered with next Friday, June 29, we want to introduce you to our two musical guests, if you don’t know them already. They are the outrageously talented Hilary Grist and Dominique Fricot. We’ve been hoping to get these two on our lineup for awhile, and […]

Under The Influence… of AWESOME

19 Jun

Well, friends, it’s that time of month again, and we are mega excited to announce our next lineup of storytellers and musicians. This is going to be a fun one, and we hope you’ll be able to make it to one of our favourite venues, The WISE Hall, on June 29. Make sure to buy […]

Music to tell stories by

13 Jan

Tickets to our next show, What Feeds Us, are selling fast, and we’re sure it has something to do with the uber-talent who is our next musical guest. For your aural pleasure at the end of this sunny workweek, we are so excited to have Reid Jamieson onstage on Jan. 27. Storytellers will be announced […]