Extra Ordinary News!

7 Aug

F. Lyons and party on boat “Myola” circa 1924. Courtesy the Vancouver Archives.

We all know extraordinary people. Some are public heroes, boldfaced-named men and women who have attained greatness in their field. Some are community leaders, women and men who work tirelessly, thanklessly, to better their neighbourhoods and the lives of those around them. Some of them are ordinary, so ordinary that unless you talked to him or her on the street, you would never know the depth of their inspiration and talent.

At your next Rain City Chronicles, we want to talk about the Extra Ordinary people who surround us, who work to make our lives better (even though we may have never heard of them), and who have drawn on their very ordinary-ness to accomplish something extraordinary. In particular, we’re going to shine a spotlight on people who have brought their neighborhoods and communities together – the people who are building a more connected city.

Presented by SFU Public Square and the Vancouver Foundation on September 21, 2012, we are excited to announce Extra Ordinary at the Vancouver Playhouse, which we can’t wait to turn into our own cozy venue, Rain City-style (read: fabric banners and cookies!). Tickets are on sale now, and we’ll be announcing our storytellers and musicians in September. Know someone you think fits the Extra Ordinary moniker? Get in touch!

One special announcement: Lizzy Karp will be joined onstage by our guest co-host and dear friend Cory Ashworth for this magical night of music, connection, inspiration and that indescribable feeling that binds us together.

New friends and old, we can’t wait to see you there.

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