Double musical trouble at Under The Influence

21 Jun

To whet your appetite for the amazing tunes we’ll be showered with next Friday, June 29, we want to introduce you to our two musical guests, if you don’t know them already. They are the outrageously talented Hilary Grist and Dominique Fricot.

We’ve been hoping to get these two on our lineup for awhile, and it’s a happy coincidence that they’ve been playing around town together quite a bit. (Maybe we can hope for some collaboration during the evening? I’ll have my fingers crossed…)

First off, Hilary’s amazing “Making Of” version of her Tall Buildings music video. Now THAT is dedication to your craft.

And, via our friends at 100.5 The Peak, a live take of Dominique’s most recent single. We could listen to this all day.

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