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A little Kraut, a little Rock

17 Mar

On March 22nd, Das Lexikon is celebrating the best of German vocabulary, food and of course, music. Featuring a Bavarian style oompah band playing classic German drinking songs, it’s also going to be a Krautrock infused night. No genre carries more music-nerd cred than Krautrock, that obscure late-sixties mix of experimental German rock and electronica. In anticipation for Das Lexikon, Ken Tsui is putting together a playlist of his favourite Krautrock jams – from Neu! to Faust and, of course, Kraftwerk – to set the mood. Here’s a taste of what’s in store!

- Nineteen Century Man by Can 

- Hero by Neu!

- Made in Germany by Amon Duul II 

- So Far by Faust 

- Sangandongo by Niagara

- Computer Love by Kraftwerk 



The (Bestie) Wurst is yet to come

12 Mar


Our delightful supper & storytelling night is less than two weeks away! DAS LEXIKON will begin with chef Colin Johnson serving up Bestie’s take on traditional German comfort food followed by stories inspired by the German language. And, of course, beer and music interwoven through the night! Act fast and grab your tickets here and watch this video to get you in the spirit! 

Jumbo Bestie Bratwurst with braised cabbage, roasted potatoes
& German mustard gravy
Black Forest Cupcake with sour cherry compote, vanilla butter cream
& Kirsch syrup
Bratwurst is all natural, free range, gluten free, dairy free, no added hormones or antibiotics. Plus it tastes real real good. The Veggie Sausage option is made with Seitan (a wheat protein), yukon gold potatoes, and smoked apple and sage spice. It is vegan, but it DOES have gluten. (seitan!) The roasted potatoes are from a tuber plant known as the potato. Cabbages typically grow in patches, and if left long enough will turn into Mattel dolls. Be wary of leftovers.



Boris Mann

Lima Al-Azzeh

Paul Bae

Melanie Ray 

Kristi Fuoco 

Ryan Knighton 

Wong Wing-Siu

Dara Parker

Jen Farrell



Cooking Up Something “Schmackhaft”

3 Mar

On March 22nd we are cooking up something tasty – with a German twist! We are combining forces with Bestie, the beloved German street food hot-spot in Chinatown, and Ken Tsui, the edible pop-up producer who staged The Cafeteria with us this past November, to present Das Lexikon. The evening will go down the Vancouver Alpen Club, an institution of a century’s worth of local German history.

Stories will be inspired by a collection of unique German words and their English translation and we are on the hunt for storytellers! Do you have a story about:

- ghosts (Poltergeist)

- fights (Backpfeifengesicht)

- being a child prodigy (Wunderkind)

- a fear of growing older (Torshlusspanik) 

- stress eating (Kummerspeck)

- hangovers (Katzenjammer)

If so, we want to hear from you! Head over to our story submission page and please clarify what German word inspires your true story.

Tickets are available now on Picatic and you can read more about Das Lexikon by visiting our pals at Scout Magazine.



Broken Hearts Club

3 Feb


Put down that scotch and grab yourself tickets to Love Hangover. We are counting down to February 15th by eating chocolates for breakfast and watching The Bridges of Madison County. Tickets are going fast – and we hope to see you in the audience, tissues in hand!

Your storyellers are: 

Anthony Casey
Beth Hensler
Adam Cristobal
Nina Paula Morenas
Jackie Hoffart
John Cullen
Burcu Ozdemir
Colleen Kimmett
Matt Ramsey
Cail Judy
Jeff Gladstone
Carellin Brooks

with music by:

The Kingsgate Chorus


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